Top 5 Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Pregnancy ought be a blissful period, when you await the arrival of your little bundle of joy. Yet, but alas many a times our happy thoughts are interrupted by little worries about our growing bodies and the stretch marks that come with that. To keep stretch marks under control this article will discuss the best way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.


One of the best ways to prevent stretch marks is to nourish your body from within. Treating your marks with creams and laser treatments is well and good—but is kind of after the fact. Why not make your skin “stretch resistant” by nourishing it? Here are some essential nutrients that you may want to incorporate into your diet:

Food Rich in Zinc

Shell fish, brazil nuts, beef, lamb and spinach are all rich in zinc. Zinc, an essential mineral, not only strengthens our immune systems and makes us more able to fight off infection it also strengthens the proteins in our body. One such protein is collagen, the protein responsible for our skin’s flexibility and elasticity.

Food Rich in Vitamin A, C And E Keep Vita Food To A Minimum

A healthy diet for stretch marks or any kind of healthy diet really, is not complete without your essential vitamins. The top 3 most important vitamins for your skin are: Vitamin A, for preventing and smoothing out wrinkles; Vitamin C, an important component in the synthesis of collagen; and Vitamin E, promoting optimal healing and health by protecting our cells from unnecessary oxidative degradation. A note on Vitamin A though, it’s consumption should be kept at a minimum because some of its derivatives are known teratogenics.

Food Rich in Collagen

Some types of food have more collagen, or increase collagen production, more than others. Some examples are green leafy vegetables, which tend to be rich in vitamin C and lutein, and red fruits and vegetable that tend to be rich in lycopene. Food rich in sulphur like celery stalks and cucumbers may actually enhance the production of collagen in the body especially if they partnered with vitamin A. Soya products are not actually rich in collagen but they are rich in a compound that prevents the breakdown of collagen.

Besides preventing stretch marks, most of the food mentioned above are healthy for your baby’s overall health.


Most people forget this but our cells are absolutely filled with water. With up to 70% of our cells made up of the liquid, it is crucial to keep the source flowing. Dry skin tends to less elastic and therefore more prone to stretch mark development. It [dry skin] is also more prone to bacterial infection because the moisture on our skin acts as a barrier from foreign bodies.


Ever notice how stretch marks often appear on the fattiest parts of our bodies? It is not yet known as to why it happens, it may have something to do with fat cells compromising the integrity of your skin’s supportive structures. To keep this from happening, it is best to keep trim and fit, with emphasis on toning and strength training.

Exercising also makes the muscles stronger. The muscles in turn pull the skin closer and keep it from sagging. During pregnancy it is understandable that too much movement can be quite tiresome. We are not suggesting that you join marathons. Walking and getting your blood circulation going will be enough to keep the stretch marks at bay. If you want something a little more challenging, you may want to look into pregnancy yoga—with the consent of your physician, of course.


As a pregnant lady your options abound when it comes to stretch mark moisturizers and creams that are especially designed for pregnant women. In fact, we suspect that most of these products were formulated with you in mind in the first place.

Since you are with child there are a few things that you need to look out for when choosing creams and moisturizers. We urge you to stay away from anything with tretinoin, retinol or retinoic acid. These compounds may cause birth defects.


Lastly, as an over-all reminder to keep our skin young healthy please do not forget to wear sunscreen. Most of the age related damage on our skin has been found to have been cause by sun damage.

Hope the options provided above will provide you some relief regarding your worries about your stretch marks. That way, you can focus on enjoying this wonderful time in your life.

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