Smoking and Weight Gain: Fighting the Weight Gain Challenge

You Can Quit Smoking And Stay Slim

It is common to fear the belly bulge when considering stopping smoking. I even a few years ago when asking my doctor about different types smoking medications he had made a similar comment.

He informed me that there were several great products that can aide in stopping the smoking habit. Many of these medications are also used to treat anxiety and depression. Patting his stomach, he then added he had quit a 2 pack a day habit approximately 10 years ago, and he was still carting the extra 50 lbs.
The Rumor Is True

You may realize as you realize and see people who have stopped smoking that their faces are a little rounder, maybe there pants a little tighter. However, are they happier, and do they feel better? Finding a path to stop smoking can have several avenues. Replacing one habit with another is not a guaranteed plan for success, unless you are happy with the weight gain versus the smoking.

If you want to fight the fat attack and munch cravings that can come with the extra energy one will have after stopping smoking then you need to make a definite plan, to implement certain defenses to fight the munch monster.

Identify Your Hunger and Smoking Triggers

It is common for anyone in a quit smoking program or weight loss program to be asked to record a journal of eating or smoking habits. If you can combine the two into one journal, the pattern will be mapped out for you in a couple of weeks to months.

As well if you speak to your doctor about stop smoking medications. You will want to ask which ones have common weight gain side effects. It can be frustrating if you have stopped smoking, managed your diet and are still gaining weight. That can kill a quitting program easily.

Replacing Cigarettes with Healthy Options

Most of us will find that we have nothing to do with our hands once we have stopped smoking. Any type of tool that you can implement into your daily routine to replace smoking can be very useful and promote a successful plan. It must be something that will hold your interest through a craving, which commonly lasts only a few minutes.

Some recommended distractions are as simple as keeping a water bottle available. This keeps your hands occupied and you are less likely to reach for sugary snacks. If you are a snacker then it is best to keep items like pickles, celery, carrots, or grapes on hand.

If you are not a snacker but easily distracted by things like video games, you could reward your non-smoking progress by adding some game apps to your phone or investing in a portable gaming system such as those made y several game manufacturers.

There are several distractions and suggestions that can target smoking and eating, helping you maintain a skinny figure while stopping smoking. It is a successful plan and you should award your efforts comfortably but not excessively.

Ellsworth Airmen helped break the habit during the Great American Smokeout at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., Nov. 19, 2015. Smoking is responsible for nearly one in five deaths in the U.S., with 8.6 million people living with serious illnesses caused by smoking. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Airman 1st Class James L. Miller/Released)

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