Pics Of My Favorite Geometric Tattoos

The geometric tattoo is one of the tattoos that has grown in popularity and retains it’s staying power. Its one of the cool, incredible tattoos that many tattoo lovers and artist among other people go for it. It carries a unique look of style and has a deep symbolic meaning in it. Most people consider tattoos as an ancient art, and they have been all around for centuries.

Tattoos come and goes, but geometric tattoos have been considered to be the best among others. It focuses more on patterns and shapes found in the natural world and has real meaning. Also, people believe that they are scared and got ties to religious arts that have history behind it.

In most cases, all geometric tattoos have a similar design that is throughout repeatedly. But their patterns very well detailed and precise. They are designed with geometric shapes that are described by mathematics since they have any number of sides in it. Also, the design can be calculated, logical and suited to an equation. Resulting in incredible design since the shape fits well into a geometric pattern. Geometric shapes added to your tattoo build blocks of knowledge and also builds perception and perspective.

Before choosing the design that you want, it’s very vital to understand it. Those geometric shapes associated with various elements of nature. For example, the tetrahedron represents the fire, earth by the cubes, spirit by the dodecahedron, air by the octahedron air, and water by the icosahedrons among many others.

They are various designs such as five geometric shapes, cute fox, the owl, colorful shapes, the bear, simple lines and many triangles and among many others. So it’s upon you to choose the one which matches your taste.


My favorite Geometric Tattoos


The placement of Geometric Tattoos

The geometric tattoos come in a variety of sizes and configurations which has a high popularity in men and women. Depending on the size of its design, anyone can wear it on any part of the body. With the smaller geometric tattoos which are inked on palm, ankle, finger, ear, arm, neck and wrists, while with the larger one’s suits well in surface areas such as shoulder, sleeve, chest, thigh, and the back.

In conclusion, geometry is a science of harmony and symmetry. Geometric tattoos are the best for tattoo lovers and artists. Also, after designing the geometric tattoos, you can pain them with various colors depending on what you want to symbol. Thus making them looks fantastic when wearing them.


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