10 Awesome Fulani Braids Hairstyle

Braids are a very simple way to forget about your Hair Style for a few Months. Braids Hairstyles are full of Creativity. There are so many Mind Blowing Braiding Techniques, Which can make every head look Unique. But This season, FULANI BRAIDS have been in the trend and it is Probably the hottest Hairstyle among Black Women in 2017.

Fulani Braids is a Traditional style in West Africa and has become much famous among Black Women due to its Intricate Designs.This Look is Basically Braids with Beads but the Braid Patterns are inspired by Fulani People.Fulani People are Primarily Muslim and lives in West Africa and Parts of East Africa.Alicia Keys, When she Made her debit in the Music world in 2001, Styled Her hairs with Fulani Braids.
Why We Love Fulani Braids? The Answer is Simple, Fulani Braids’s Braid Pattern is distinct.There are 3 Common Elements in Fulani Braids Hairstyle.
1. A Cornrow Braided through the Center of Head, from Front to Back.2. 1 or 2 Cornrows on both side of your Head, Braided from back to front, with hanging tails on each side of Head.3. A Wrapped around the perimeter of Head Braid
Probably There are so many variations of FULANI BRAIDS HAIRSTYLE to Name. Honestly, the only limit when talking about FULANI BRAIDS Style, is Your Imagination.Here we Present to you 4 Popular FULANI HAIRSTYLES :-
1. Braided Swoop
Forward Cornrows just over the ears and beads are enough to give FULANI touch.This is relatively Simple Braid.Most of the Cornrows are braided from 1 side of head to other.
2.Braided High Bun
I love this Hairstyle because it’s less time consuming as it’s Created with Jumbo Braids. What’s More nice about this look besides Quick, the Awesome Look it gives to you with a High Bun.
3.Simple FULANI Style with purple Highlight
Another Simple Style, but this one consists of Purple Highlighted Box Braids in the Back and Cornrows in front. The Front pattern is made up of center part cornrow and horizontal Cornrow frame the face.
4.Fulani Braids with Crown
Things get more complicated here but with much more Beautiful Result.This style has lot of pencil width box Braids in the back.Also has one quintessential cornrow in the vertical center of head. First you Braid 4 horizontal Cornrow (2 on each side) ,going from center to Sides and then 2 Horizontal ( one on each side), going from side to center.Then tie these back 2 Cornrows into a single knot, so it forms a type of Crown on your Head.
The Awesome, Unique and Beautiful looks is the Reason why we Love FULANI BRAIDS. A must try Trend for every fashion freak.



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